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Patricia Vonne, the multi-talented musician, actress, award winning filmmaker and two-time SXSW best female vocalist winner, is back with her seventh album Top of the Mountain, out May 25, 2018 on her label Bandolera Records. The album is hot on the heels of her recent win at the Madrid International Film Festival for “Best Animation award” for “Huerta de San Vicente,” a music video and homage to Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. The song was off of her critically acclaimed all Spanish album Viva Bandolera that was featured on The Huffington Post and PRI The World alongside other tastemaker outlets.

Her new release is sure to continue the momentum where her last album left off, and was produced, mixed and engineered by Rick Del Castillo and Michael Ramos, engineered by Joey Benjamin and mastered by Mark Hallman. The album features Vonne on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, castanets and electric guitar as well as special guest musicians Fort Worth sax virtuoso Johnny Reno, Grammy award winner Max Baca of Los TexManiacs on the bajo sexto, David Grissom, Grammy award winner Joe Reyes and Robert LaRoche on guitar and Scott Plunkett (of Chris Isaak’s band) on the keyboard. The album features co-writes with Joe King Carrasco, Alejandro Escovedo, Willie Nile, Steven Medina Hufsteter of the Cruzados and longtime performing and songwriting partner Robert LaRoche.

Now, with the release of her seventh album, Vonne reaches new heights in her musical career. Vonne’s new effort incorporates all the multi-faceted components that define her unique musical persona: rock, folk, flamenco, bilingual Tex-Mex and Latin strands that, taken together, form a rich and colorful tapestry. The defiant, stand-your-ground title track sets a declamatory tone as the rest of the album winds a sinuous path through the border radio groove of “Lil’ Lobo,” the careening rocker “Graceland Trip,” “Madre de Perla,” a flamenco-flavored tribute to Vonne’s mother, the spaghetti western soundtrack that is “Western Blood,” and much more. Featuring co-writes with Joe King Carrasco, Alejandro Escovedo, Willie Nile, Steven Medina Hufsteter of the Cruzados and longtime performing and songwriting partner Robert LaRoche, “Top of the Mountain” allowed Vonne to explore new aspects of her multi-cultural creativity.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the video for “Tidal Wave”, one of the standout tracks on the album. Vonne’s dramatic vocals and powerful rock sound are well-suited for the steampunk western storyline. Her straightforward rock sound carries just a touch of twang courtesy of guitar badass David Grissom, and her ability to write sweeping, anthemic tunes is on full display. The quality of the video – costumes, acting, plot and editing – also showcases Vonne’s background in the cinema, making the video itself as exciting as the music. 

Reflecting on the song and video, Vonne has this to say:

‘Tidal Wave’ is about finding love the second time around. “Heaven sent my final resting place”. I collaborated with my musical hero Alejandro Escovedo who initially brought me the lyrics “Saturn danced with Mercury & Venus kissed Mars…Your love is a tidal wave you broke right on my heart” and I wrote the verses and music around it. David Grissom on guitar truly captures the essence of the inspiration of love in its purest form.

I chose director Charlie Schwan to direct the music video for his sense of adventure and maverick style. He presented the storyline which echoes the belief that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Mixing fantasy with reality he Incorporated the element of lyrical dance to unveil the story of two lovers yearning to reunite.”



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