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Patricia Vonne "God's Hands" (Official Music Video)

God's Hands written by Patricia Vonne featured on her 7th studio album "Top of the Mountain". Directed by Harald Hohenthal in Bremen, Germany. God's Hands is about letting go and letting God. We often keep needed change from occurring but ultimately one must have faith that God has a plan for each of us.


Patricia Vonne Daños Music/ASCAP 

Patricia Vonne "Tidal Wave" (Official Music Video)

Song written by Patricia Vonne & Alejandro Escovedo from her 7th studio album "Top of the Mountain". Release date May 25th, 2018 in U.S. Directed by Charlie Schwan Starring Patricia Vonne & Dalton Jackson featuring Roustabouts Dance Co. Dance choreography by Elisabeth Gabriel.

2018 Official Selection at 

San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival


Patricia Vonne Daños Music/ASCAP Alejandro Escovedo Mayashaiseilla Music BMI

Patricia Vonne & Joe King Carrasco "LIL LOBO"

(Official Music Video)

Song featured on the 7th studio album by Patricia Vonne "Top of the Mountain" Directed by Marcel Rodriguez Edited by Patricia Vonne


Song written by Patricia Vonne, Joe King Carrasco & Rick Del Castillo Daños Music Ascap,Pink Chance Music Ascap, Murrah Colton Entertainment, LLC BMI Produced by Rick Del Castillo

Patricia Vonne "Graceland Trip" (Official Music Video)

"Graceland Trip" written and performed by Patricia Vonne from her 7th studio album 'Top of the Mountain' on Bandolera Records. (Daños Music ASCAP) Produced by Rick Del Castillo. Musicians: Johnny Reno on Saxophone, Scott Plunkett on smokin' keys, Robert LaRoche on guitar, Dony Wynn on Drums, Scott Garber on bass.

Patricia Vonne - The Dark Mile (Official Music Video)

Music Video for the song DARK MILE by Patricia Vonne, in memory of Doyle Bramhall. Directed by Teresa Jolie, Red Cinematography: M. Andrew Barrera, Canon Cinematography Gilbert Villaseñor, Editing, Color & VFX: Eliot Gurrin. Songwriters: Patricia Vonne & Doyle Bramhall.

Patricia Vonne - Rattle My Cage (Official Music Video)

"Rattle My Cage" is the title track of Patricia Vonne's 5th studio album. Filmed during the Hot Rod Roundup in Austin Texas featuring co-writer & legendary sax- man Johnny Reno. Directed by Patrick Thornton, produced by Marcel Rodriguez and edited by Patricia Vonne. Full cast and crew credits included at the end of the video.

Patricia Vonne - Worth It (Official Music Video)

A loner takes a wrong turn into a life of crime and pays the price.

Patricia Vonne - Rebel Bride LIVE at Maschseefest, Germany

Patricia Vonne performs her breakout hit Rebel Bride LIVE at Maschseefest Hanover, Germany.

Patricia Vonne: "Traeme Paz" (Official Music Video from the film "Once Upon a Time in Mexico")

Directed by Marcel Rodriguez featuring footage from the film "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Starring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. Song composed by Patricia Vonne and Israel Rodriguez. (Daños Music/ Ascap)( Españolactivo Music Ascap)

Patricia Vonne - Hot Rod Heart LIVE in Hannover

Song written by Patricia Vonne and Johnny Reno from the studio album Firebird Musicians: Patricia Vonne vocals and guitar, Robert LaRoche electric guitar, Harmen de Bresser bass, Bakker drums.

Patricia Vonne - Severina LIVE @ Kulturpavillon

Patricia Vonne performing "Severina" a song dedicated to her grandmother @ Kulturpavillon, Hannover.


Musicians: Patricia Vonne vocals and guitar, Robert LaRoche electric guitar, Harmen de Bresser bass, Jan Pohl drums.

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