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National Anthem for Master Sgt Israel Del Toro

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I am deeply honored to have been invited to sing the National Anthem for the retirement ceremony of a true hero,

my dear friend Master Sgt. Israel Del Toro. The ceremony was at the Air Force Academy in Colorado April 27th which also celebrated his birthday & he surprised his beautiful wife by renewing their wedding vows.

Israel survived a roadside bomb in Afghanistan & is the 1st 100% disabled airman to re-enlist. He is the epitome of bravery, determination, tenacity and service. “Stay Strong Finish Strong”.

I met Del Toro back in 2007 in my hometown of San Antonio during the filming of a PBS special “Salute to the Troops”. 

His young son was a fan of my brother’s film “Spy Kids “ so we sent him a care package of memorabilia from the movie. We kept in touch ever since.  I am beyond blessed to have him and his family in my life. 


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