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Thursday February 18th   doors at 7pm!
Sam's Burger Joint - Patricia Vonne Band w/ special guest Rick Del Castillo showtime 7:30pm followed by The Infidels at 9pm!
330 Grayson St. San Antonio Texas   Tickets are $10 advance and $12 at the door.

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Wednesday March 2nd
location: Schreiner University Coffee House celebrating Women's History Month
Kerrville, Texas    7pm-9pm


Saturday March 19th- SXSW official showcase at the Continental Club (1315 S Congress Ave) 10pm 


Saturday April 9th  Full Band
location: Guadalupe Theater
San Antonio, Texas 

Saturday April 23rd all ages welcome
El Mercado
1302 S 1st St.  Austin, Texas ticket info:

Thurs. June 23rd Buddy Holly Center Summer Music Showcase-                Lubbock Texas




Fall Tour 2016

September 21st- "Der Club" Heiligenhaus, Germany D-42579 8pm

Sept. 22nd- "Musiktheater Piano" Dortmund, Germany D-44388

Sept 23rd Music Hall- Worpswede, Germany D-27726

Sept. 24th- "Kniestedler Kirche" Salzgitter, Germany D-38259 8pm

Sept. 25th- "Crowded House" Oberhausen, Germany D-46147 7pm

Sept 28th-"Schlachthof"- Kassel, Germany D-34127

Sept. 29th- "Maschinenehaus/ Kulturbrauerei" Berlin, Germany D-10405

Sept 30th- "Kniepe Pur"- Plaue, Germany D-14774

Oct 1st- "Manitu" Forst, Germany D-03149

Oct 2nd- "Kulturbastion" Torgau, Germany D-04860

Oct 5th- "Burgerhaus"- Hurth, Germany  D- 50354

Oct 6th- "ALte Druckerei" Bad Oeynhausen, Germany D-32545

Oct. 7th- "Tivoli"- Aukrug, Germany D-24613

Oct. 8th- "Private Veranstaltung" Hamburg, Germany  D-22765

Oct 9th- Kulturbahnhof- Gilforn, Germany  D- 38518

Oct 12th- "Ricordo"- Ludinghausen, Germany D- 59348

Oct. 13th-" SoundGarten Im Sauerland Park" - Hemer, Germany

Oct 14th- "Jazzclub"- Bielefeld, Germany D-33611

Oct 15th- "Pumpwerk" Wilhelmshaven, Germany D-26382

Oct 16th- " Das Greif" Lunen, Germany D- 44534

Oct 19th- "Künstlerhaus"-Nurnberg- Germany D- 90402

Oct 20th- "Die Scheuer"- Villingen, Germany- D-78048

Oct 21st- "Kulturgut Hagenbach"- Backnang, Germany D-71522

Oct 22nd- "Gasthof Adler" Meidelstetten, Germany D- 72531

Oct 26th-"Kulturbahnhof" Cloppenburg, Germany D-49661

Oct 27th- Wegwarte- Lucklum, Germany D- 38173

Oct 28th- Kulturzentrum Pavillion- Hannover, Germany D-30161

Oct 29th-"Downtown Bluesclub/ Landhaus Walter Hamburg, Germany



























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