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December 20th 2014
The Continental Club w/ The Infidels!  My Birthday Bash! 
1315 S Congress, Austin Texas 
10pm set time for Patricia Vonne Band & 12am Infidels! Come Celebrate w/ me!

February 21st One 2 One Bar
Austin Tx  w/ Billy Wilson (Patricia Vonne band 9:30pm set time & Wilson at 11)

April 11th Strange Brew- Austin Texas 7pm

European Spring Tour 2015

April 16th Musiktheater Rex
Bergheim, Germany

April 17th BM Cultura
Bergheim, Germany D-50126

April 18th Kubik
Goslar, Germany D-38640

April 19th Kulturbahnhof
Gifhorn, Germany D-22926

April 22nd Habana
Schneverdingen, Germany D-29641

April 23rd- Kesselhaus
Lauenau, Germany D-33611

April 24th- Bielefelder Jazzclub
Bielefeld, Germany D-33611

April 25th- Music Hall
Worpswede, Germany D-27726

April 26th- Heimathaus Twist
Twist, Germany D-49767

April 29th  Sotano Greifswald, Germany D-17489

April 30th- Rathaus hotel
Schonberg, Germany D-24217

 May 1st  Downtown Blues Club
Hamburg, Germany 


May 2nd  Tivoli
Aukrug, Germany 
( D-24613

May 6th- Sankt Barbara
Lichtentanne, Germany 
( D-08115

May 7th- Objekt 5
Halle, Germany 
( D-06114

May 8th Private Party
Auebach, Germany 

May 9th- Zum Heiratsmarkt
Reitwein, Germany 
( D-15328

May 12th- Moist Corner
Suhl, Germany 
( D-98527

May 13th- Zehntscheuer
Ravensburg, Germany 
( D-88212

May 14th- Scheuer
Villingen, Germany 
( D-78048

May 15th- Merlin
Stuttgart, Germany 
(www.merlin-kultur) D-70178

May 16th- Volkkunstschule im "Spital"
Oederan, Germany 
( D-09569

May 19th- KKB
Ingolstadt, Germany 
( D-85049

May 20th- Wonderbarer Weit Welt
Eppstein, Germany 
( D-65817

May 21st Sauerland Park
Hemer, Germany 
( D-58675

May 24th Underground
Koln, Germany 
( D-50825

May 25th Private Party
Iserlohn, Germany 

May 28th Deichgrafenhof
Tating, Germany 

May 29th Charlys
Oldenburg, Germany 

May 30th Ahrensburger Musiknacht
Ahrensburg, Germany 





































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