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January 20th- Sam's Burger Jt. (330 Grayson Ave) Showtime: 9pm! - San Antonio, Texas w/ Joe King Carrasco- For Tickets:CLICK HERE!

January 27th- One 2 One Bar (1509 S Lamar) - Austin, TX 78704

February 10th- Private Party

February 25th- Townsend - Austin TX w/ A is Red at 7pm and Patricia Vonne trio at 8:30pm

March 4th- The Continental Club -Houston Tx w/ Joe King Carrasco!

April 8th - Townsend- Austin Tx 


Spring Tour 2017

April 20th-"Kulturrampe"- Krefeld, Germany D-47799

April 21st- "Kino im Künstlerhaus"- Hannover, Germany D-30159

April 22nd- "Ducsaal"- Freudenburg, Germany D-54450

April 23rd- "Skylounge" Kempten, Germany D-87435

April 28th- "Gaskessel" Bern Switzerland

April 29th "El Lokal" Zurich, Switzerland

April 30th- "Traube" Langenthal, Switzerland

May 4th- "Gwolb" Watt, Switzerland

May 5th " Bar de la Ferme"Nyon Switzerland

May 6th "Le Singe" Biel Switzerland

May 7th- "Franziskaner"- Bad Saulgau, Germany D-88348

May 10th- "Kulturzentrum Franzis"- Wetzlar, Germany D-35578

May 11th- "Charlys"- Oldenburg, Germany D-26122

May 12th- "Medio Rhein Erft"- Bergheim, Germany D-50126

May 13th-"Klubhaus Ludwigsfelde"- Ludwigsfelde, Germany D-14974

May 14th- "Hot Jazz Club"- Munster, GermanyD-48155

May 17th-" La Habana" Schneverdingen, Germany D-29640

May 18th- "Club am Donnerstag"- Bergedorf, GermanyD-21031

May 19th-"Stadfest Parchim" Parchim,Germany D-19370

May 20th-"Ahrensburger Musiknacht" - Ahrensburg, Germany D-22926

May 21st-Wassermuhle Sudwehye" - Wehye, Germany D-28844




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